Q : What first inspired you to create Off? / What are your inspirations ?
A : I just wanted to make a game, so I did. I drew the Zone 0 graphics, and then I wrote a basic storyline. The first characters of the game are The Judge, that was my cat, and The Batter, which was a drawing I did from a sports photo. More broadly I had a lot of inspirations (you can guess a big part of them in the game, I think). Here’s an incomplete list : Killer 7, FF6, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, The Wizard of Oz, Akira, Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2, Paranoia Agent, Silent Hill 2 and probably many others I forget.

Q: I was wondering if you were thinking about making a sequel/prequel in the future?
A : Nope. ACC and me think it’s really not a good idea. I know there’s notes in the ReadMe file that says that’s a possibility, but over time our opinion has changed. Sorry about that.

Q : Are you planning to make any more games in the future? / What are your projects right now ?
A : I hope to make other games in the future. I think you don’t have to worry about that. And I’m actually planing on a lot of projects, as usual (mostly comics). You’ll know when something interesting will result.

Q : Do you ever plan to draw a face for Zacharie under his mask?
A : Nope. I like him the way he is.

Q : How big is your boat ?
A : That’s a mighty good question! Bravo to you. I have no idea. I added several extensions to it over the years so it is not the small little boat that once was. I’ll come back to you the moment I mesured it. (updated 19/05/13 : still working on it!)

Q : What’s your boat’s color ?
A : It’s very hard to say because I have tetrachromacy. I painted it in colors unknown to most of you. The cockpit is primarily in a shade between maroon and “barn red” that I call “Boat Rainbow of Boats”. It’s very pretty and it is a shame few people will experience it like I do.

Q : Do you really own a boat ?
A : Indeed I do - Why would I lie to you?

Q : By the way, what’s Tetrachromacy ?
A : That’s when you have four cones inside your eyes instead of three, allowing you to see millions more shades of colors than most people ; but there’s only a single person on earth who have tetrachromacy now, a woman doctor in england. When you have two cones, you are daltonian.

Q : Can we see a picture of your boat ?
A : So yeah hm …
I’m afraid I can’t. I’d really love to, I mean it - but my boat is equpied with a Cynetic Bubble Bucler (CBB), which disable all electronic devices, and I forgot my film camera at home. I’m very sorry. I could remove the CBB, but that would make a hole in the floor, which is something undesirable on a boat.

Q : Do you organize free fight battles on your boat ?
A : Yes there are free fight battles on my boat, you can join anytime if you are a member of the Sheng Shu’s Island League of Free Fights Battles. The only thing though is that I don’t organize them, they just happen randomly.

Q : What is your favorite memory about your boat ?
A : There’re so much of them, I can’t say. Maybe the one time I became friend with a bear. Ah, but I wasn’t in my boat. Does it still count ?

Q : When did you get your boat ?
A : I own it since as far as I can remember. But you know sometimes I’m thinking of my boat, and I don’t like it so much anymore, but then I feel guilty and I ear a voice in my head screaming “You’re not owning me, I own you !” And then I faints.

Q : What is the story behind the events of May 5th 1998 involving your boat? I am specifically refering to the third event of that day after the wizard fight.
A : Well, this was a dark time for all the boat owners, and for the boat fans more globaly. Some scars will never disapear. It has cost me a lot, and I installed a CBB on the bridge. I hope this will not happen again, except for the wizard fight part.

Q : Do you practice boat golf ?
A : No.

Q : Have you ever tried boat golf?
A : Not by myself, but I had a very good friend who was a boat golf champion. He won international leagues and lives today in an underwater palace. I have great respect for this sport, but I prefer video games and naps.

Q : Can your boat fly ?
A : Not anymore. There wasn’t enough space for a CBB and a PACS (Psychical Aerial Command System)

Q : If your boat was a plane, full of bananas and with a robot-pilot and two fuel tanks, how long could it fly ?
A : This is a very mathematical question and you are not saying how many bananas are on the plane that could be my boat. Thus I can only give you a very vague approximation of something between one and thirtheen hours. But don’t worry or be sad, I thought your question was a very interesting, worthy one, because my boat had something to do with it. Thank you !

Q : Are you afraid of your boat ? If your boat could move and talk like a man, would you be ?
A : I am not afraid. My boat take good care of me. I always know what to do with my life because my boat knows what to do, and when I am in doubt I can hear the whisper of the sea telling me sweet nothings that reassures me. My boat is what gives me strenght. I don’t think I would be scared if it talked and walked like a man, because it talk and walk like a boat and that’s already somewhat scary, but I grew accustomed with it.

Q : What’s your boat name ?
A : I don’t know.